Frontend Development

Supercharging Javascript Arrays With the Spread Operator

1 Mins read
The spread operator can turn the elements of an array into elements of a function call or into elements of another array…

Firebase vs GraphQL - Which should you build your backend on?

3 Mins read
Firebase is a service for building a flexible backend that can track a wide range of app statistics. GraphQL, on the other…
Frontend Development

Top Javascript frameworks for frontend development in 2022

2 Mins read
JavaScript frameworks are becoming more and more popular for frontend development. In this post, we’ll take a look at the top 10…

Understanding IPS Patching

5 Mins read
An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a security mechanism that detects and prevents threats to networks. In this article, we’d take a…
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Flutter vs React Native

7 Mins read
With the upsurge of mobile apps, the demand for cross-platform app development has increased mainly in recent years. React Native and Flutter…
GeneralFrontend Development

Responsive Design with CSS Media Queries

3 Mins read
Today, this article will help you learn how CSS Media Queries help you build responsive websites. If you are a beginner frontend…
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Deploying and Managing Your Machine Learning Pipeline with Terraform and Doppler

6 Mins read
Introduction to ML pipeline As a machine learning engineer or data scientist, when working on projects it may sound boring or tiring…
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[Quick Fix] How to fix "the mbstring extension is missing. please check your php configuration" in 2 Minutes.

1 Mins read
Introduction When writing PHP apps, one common issue you might face as a developer is when your enabled PHP extensions are not…
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Add Authentication to React Native Apps using Okta and Expo in 5 minutes

4 Mins read
Introduction When building mobile apps nowadays, authentication has become a near essential feature to implement as there’s an increasing need to attach…

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